Wonderland Sustainable sleeping - sleeping comfort that lasts
Wonderland Sustainable sleeping - sleeping comfort that lasts

With SUSTAINABLE SLEEPING® we are combining our knowledge on sleep and sustainability. We want to set the focus on both the importance of sleep and how we together can contribute to a sustainable society.


We collaborate with the foremost sleep scientists to understand what happens when we sleep and what the body needs to get a good night’s rest. We are focusing on the importance of sleep for our health and quality of life, with the vision to contribute to a world that sleeps better.

Wondelrand Miljø


Through the largest environmental project in the Norwegian furniture history, we have developed new knowledge that will reduce the carbon footprint of a bed by 50%. But for us, sustainability and sleep mean so much more than just an eco-friendly bed. It’s about how we can make a positive impact and focus on the fact that our everyday choices actually matter.

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For many years, Wonderland has chosen to prioritize the collaboration with Northern European suppliers and business partners. With long-term quality suppliers, we can ensure transparency and high quality and expertise throughout our production. As many as 97% of Wonderland’s suppliers currently have their production in Northern Europe.