Sleeping comfort that lasts

Developing products with a long lifespan is one of the most important sustainability principles.
This contributes to reduce our environmental footprint and provides quality and comfort that lasts.

Our tests show that the materials’ ability to provide good pressure relief, moisture transport and ventilation are the most important material features to ensure the same high level of sleeping comfort over a long period of time.

In addition, the materials must be able to withstand continuous heat changes in order for the bed to provide the same high level of comfort for many years.

This is what our customers say

In Wonderland’s customer survey from 2022/2023 with over 3,000 participants, we find that our customers prioritise long lifespan and washable textiles as the most important features when it comes to beds and sustainability.

Pioneers leading the way

In the middle of some of the world’s most jagged and rugged mountain peaks, the dream of contributing to something big started. We want to contribute to a world that sleeps better and focus on research-based product development to give you a world-class sleeping comfort.

Environmental project
Now we are reaching even further. Through the largest environmental project in the Norwegian furniture history, we have developed new knowledge that will reduce the carbon footprint of a bed by 50%.

Our choices matter
But for us, sustainability and sleep mean so much more than an eco-friendly bed. It’s about how we can make a positive impact and set focus on the fact that our everyday choices actually matter.

Because we care.
About you. About your sleep.
About our planet.

Pionerer som leder vei
Photo: Terje Aamodt

About Sustainable sleeping®

With SUSTAINABLE SLEEPING® we are combining our knowledge on sleep and sustainability. We want to set the focus on the importance of sleep and how we together can contribute to a sustainable society.

Kunnskap om søvn

Since 1969, we have been passionate about sleep and what the body needs to sleep well. In our ultra-modern factory in Norway, we focus on research-based knowledge to create the best beds for good sleep and recovery.

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Kunnskap om miljø og bærekraft

To make the right choices for the future, we have completed a three year long research project to reduce the carbon footprint of a bed by 50%. We are now implementing the new knowledge throughout our production.

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