Beds of Norway

About Wonderland

Wonderland’s beds are produced in Åndalsnes, on the west coast of Norway. We focus on understanding the human need for sleep and what the body needs to recover well. Wonderland wants to contribute to a world that sleeps better. Our job is to make the most perfect bed.


Locally sourced production in Norway

Since 1969, our production facility has been situated in Åndalsnes on the west coast of Norway. The surrounding mountains and fjords, give us lots of inspiration and many great explorations. We are in close collaboration with a variety of local sub-contractors. This provides us with efficient, locally sourced production.

Environment and sustainability

We want to contribute to sustainable development by choosing materials and production methods that will reduce our environmental footprint. Our beds have long durability and will give you the best foundation for a good night's sleep and a healthy sleeping environment.


Business areas

  • Stores and retailers

    Stores and retailers

    As one of Scandinavia's leading manufacturers of beds and mattresses, Wonderland is working with retailers and independent vendors all over the Nordic region, as well as in several other European countries. Our retailers have showrooms, where you can see, try out and seek advice on Wonderland's collections.

  • Hotels


    Customers everywhere are choosing high quality beds to a higher degree than ever before, and staff at hotels are noticing this trend. That is why we now offer hotels a number of bed models with the same unique features and quality as always.

  • Offshore and marine sector

    Offshore and marine sector

    The need for quality mattresses has increased in the offshore and marine sector. In the offshore industry today, there are long working hours and high demands on working performance. It comes as no surprise then that it is necessary to sleep well in order to maintain the work capacity the day after.

1969 - 1971

The beginning of Wonderland – a cool and dry foam mattress

In 1969, Wonderland was founded in a place called Åndalsnes in Norway under the name Westnofa. We simply manufactured foam for the furniture industry. Even back then, our keen interest in the customer’s experience was motivated by passionate employees. That is why we decided to produce our very first foam mattress, Welun 007, in 1971. This mattress was manufactured in such a way that it allowed for the best possible circulation of air, and it didn’t have that closed, damp and hot sensation so commonly associated with foam mattresses at that time.

1975 - 1977

Odd Slettøyen changes sleep forever

Wonderland’s second employee in the programme, Odd Slettøyen, was a man with a great entrepreneurial spirit. This was clear in 1975, when he came back to Åndalsnes from an exhibition consumed with the idea of producing a special type of spring mattress. The technique he used was to cast the coil springs into the layers of foam, a production method Westnofa patented in Europe. Odd realized his vision of this mattress despite multiple turn downs from the owners of Westnofa. Thanks to Odd’s determination, Welun 008 was born in 1977. The company’s first spring mattress brought the foundation for the technology we still use today.


Breakthrough in coil springs

We learned a lot about the importance of comfort for a good night’s sleep in the years that followed, and that’s why we introduced our second spring mattress, W 1001, in 1983. The coil springs of this mattress were the starting point for the pocket springs used today, and the mattress was a resounding success. This was the first mattress on the Norwegian market that was sold with a top mattress, and our customers found it refreshing and modern.


We say no to waterbeds and yes to continental beds

In the late 1980s, waterbeds were all the rage in the bed market, and given what we know now, we are proud that Wonderland chose not to jump on the bandwagon. Once again, our employee Odd Slettøyen, returned to Åndalsnes from an exhibition, and this time he returned with the idea to make a continental bed (a triple-layered suspension bed). In 1988 we introduced the Wonderland 3000 – Norway’s first continental bed. Of course, we did embrace the romantic marketing trend.

1990 - 2000

Exports and guarantees

The mattress collection became, in a remarkably short time, the most sold collection in the mattress market in Norway. In 1996, Westnofa was ready to launch their mattresses abroad. A sales office in Sweden was established and the factory management had high hopes for the investment abroad. In 1997, the company was, for the first time, represented at the Copenhagen fair, where there was particular focus on the company flagship, the electrically adjustable bed Activ.

In the 1990s, we developed our pocket spring technology further and were able to offer a lifetime warranty on our springs and a 5-year overall warranty. We focused on the health aspect as well, which is why all our beds are certified to the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. This laid the foundation that we now have beds that are safe for both you and the environment.

1990 - 2000

Reversible mattress and washable cover

During the 1990s, the focus was on reversible mattresses and washable textiles. Wonderland was the first mattress producer that had removable covers on their beds. The textiles is and was washable at 60°C.


Personalized beds

In the early 2000s, we continued to focus on our customers. Adjustable beds became a growing market in this period, and new, smarter solutions appeared on the market.


Adjustable bed bottom

In the spring 2010, we launched our new adjustable bed bottom. The requirements for comfortable beds are becoming increasingly important. When we buy a new bed, we are searching for a bed that provides comfort and is precisely tailored to individual needs.

Wonderland has taken this challenge seriously and has created a new bed solution that will provide a more optimal sleeping position. The new bed solution has adjustable firmness under the hip, where you can decide yourself how firm the bed should be. Combined with the bed’s shoulder zone, this gives optimal relief for your back.


Headboard, storage and bed legs - all in one

In 2011, we introduced the L1 products, a completely new concept that gives the bed an elegant design and function. Headboard, storage box and bed legs are covered with the same textile as the bed. You get a unified design in your bedroom and can enjoy Wonderland's famous comfort and features that will guarantee good sleep for many years.


Unique features

The focus we have on our customers, has led to our current motto: unique people - unique beds.

We have developed five unique features that recur in our range: adjustable hip zone, shoulder zone, edge stability, washability and reversibility.


Wonderland Adaptive

With Wonderland Adaptive, you can easily adjust the firmness by moving around the three pocket spring cassettes with different firmness levels in the bed frame. In this simple way, you can choose the preferred pocket spring firmness under your hip and shoulders. In addition, you get the ultimate personalization when you can adjust the firmness of the hip zone in the bottom frame.


Dress up your bed

Wonderland gives you possibilities. With our new collection, you can style and design your own Wonderland. Be inspired by our four new styles: New Nordic, Cozy Modern, Contemporary Classic, Raw de Luxe.


Recyclable textile

Wonderland RECYCLABLE is a textile produced from by-products. Upcycling reduces the need of using new natural resources, by reusing waste materials in new creative ways. Wonderland RECYCLABLE is an important step in our efforts to contribute to sustainable development.