Top Mattress

A pure wellness

Wonderland's top mattresses will provide a perfect sleeping climate
and optimum pressure relief throughout the whole night.
Regardless of what model you choose, all our textiles are washable
at 60°C to ensure a fresh and healthy sleeping environment.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

To make it easier to choose eco-friendly products, we have choosen to ecolabel the Wonderland top mattress collection with the Nordic Swan – the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. Nordic Swan sets strict requirements for the raw materials and the chemicals used in ecolabelled products.

The entire product life cycle

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets requirements for the the entire product life cycle; from the raw materials, production, working conditionsa and quality to use, waste management and recycling.

Pulse Latex

Pulse Latex is one of the finest top mattress materials that provides a perfect sleep climate with the best possible pressure relief, ventilation, moisture control and durability. Pulse Latex is OEKO-TEX certified, naturally anti-bacterial and naturally resistant to dust mites and therefore the perfect choice if you prioritize a clean and healthy sleeping environment. The production uses a different technology than all other latex variants. This gives Pulse Latex a unique long lifespan that no other latex mattresses can compare with. The production process also uses less energy than other latex variants. Pulse Latex has a perfect mix of natural and synthetic latex, where the natural latex is produced from the sap of the tropical rubber tree. Pulse Latex is available for Excellence, Superior and Premium Top Mattress.

Millions of small air pockets

Pulse Latex has a unique cell structure with millions of built-in air pockets that allows the material to always breathe. Other latex variants have punched holes that will be compressed when putting pressure on the mattress. The built-in air pockets in Pulse Latex, provide better ventilation and a healthier sleeping environment.

Hyperflex foam

The main purpose of a top mattress is to provide good pressure relief and ventilation. Hyperflex is a newly developed polyurethane foam with high elasticity that will provide perfect moisture control throughout the whole night. Hyperflex is certified by CertiPUR that tests foam materials and sets stringent demands on the components. The CertiPUR certification ensures that there are no harmful substances in the materials. Hyperflex is available for Premium Top Mattress.

Locally sourced production

The foam used in Wonderland’s beds and mattresses, are produced in the same mountain village of Åndalsnes where our Wonderland factory is located. Local suppliers provide an efficient and locally sourced production.

Innovative textiles



SUPERIOR Top Mattress with temperature regulating textile 37°, adapts to your body temperature and keeps it at an optimal level.

 Ecolabelled. Washable at 60°C.
The slittable zippers make the washing easy.


Rapid Dry

Our PREMIUM Top Mattresses have Rapid Dry textile
that gives an efficient ventilation and
moisture transportation.

 Ecolabelled. Washable at 60°C. 
The splittable zippers make the washing easy.

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