The bed’s importance for sleep quality

"When we fall asleep, we quickly enter deep sleep. The longer the body can rest without moving in the beginning of the night, the longer we can sleep in the first and most important deep sleep. Therefore, it is important to have a bed that suits you."

"Sleep has a major impact on how we feel in our daily lives. Being part of Wonderland’s team allows me to improve knowledge on what we need to sleep well," says Inger Birgitte Tandstad, sales developer at Wonderland.

Working together with sleep scientists

"Wonderland’s product development is based on the latest in sleep research. Our cooperation with sleep scientists means that we know what is important to get the best sleep quality, and we can combine a bed with the right materials and features.

In the store

"If you prefer to sleep on your side, you should also try the new bed laying on your side. With Wonderland’s adjustable hip zone, it will also be easier to choose the right firmness. Ask the sales staff to show you how to adjust the firmness of the bed," Inger Birgitte Tandstad says.

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Inger Birgitte Tandstad from Wonderland sales team
Inger Birgitte Tandstad,
Sales developer at Wonderland