The shoulder zone gives better relaxation for your back and neck

A soft shoulder zone gives less pressure against the shoulder and better relaxation for your back and neck.

If you prefer to sleep on you side, it is extra important that your bed has a soft shoulder zone to help your shoulder to get down into the mattress. Together with Wonderland's adjustable hip zone, your spine can be as straight as possiblie and your body can rest longer in deep sleep. This will give you better relaxation, recovery and sleep quality. 

Mattresses with 5 zones

Wonderland's pocket spring mattresses have 5 zones and are reversible. Therefore you will find the softer shoulder zone in both ends of the mattresses (marked dark):

5 zones and soft shoulder zones

Body weight and anatomy

The shoulders consists about 25% of the body weight. The shoulders need a softer zone to help the shoulder to get further down into the mattress. The hips consists about 55-60% of the body weight. The heavier hips needs a firmer hip zone to give the right support and to prevent the hips sinking to low. 

shoulder zone