Wonderland FAQ

How do I adjust the firmness of the bed?

With Wonderland’s adjustable hip zone, you can adjust the firmness to your personal needs. 

If you prefer to sleep on you side, it is important that you spine is as straight as possible. With the adjustable hip zone, you can adjust how deep your hip sink into the mattress, in comparison with your shoulder. When the firmness suits you, your hip should get the correct support and your spine will be straight. This will provide calmer sleep with better quality sleep and recovery.

How to adjust the firmness

You find the adjustments underneath the bed. You can adjust the firmness when you are assemling your new bed or do it later from underneath the bed.

Myk innstilling på justerbar hoftesone


Place the sliders towards the middle. The bed gets softer and your hip will sink further down.

Fast innstilling på justerbar hoftesone


Place the sliders towards the edges. The bed gets firmer and your hip will be placed further up.