Locally sourced production in Norway

"Since 1969, our production facility has been situated in Ã…ndalsnes on the west coast of Norway. The surrounding mountains and fjords, give us lots of inspiration and many great explorations."

"We are in close collaboration with a variety of local sub-contractors. This provides an efficient and locally sourced production," says Kurt Arild Dahle, head of marketing at Wonderland.

Local sub-contractors

"The plastic details for our adjustable hip zone and all of our foam, are produced just 300 m from our Wonderland factory. The bed frames are produced in Måndalen, just 25 min from Åndalsnes.

Contributing to our community

"It is important for us to contribute to our local community. By choosing to work with local sub-contractors, we can create even more workplaces in our region," Kurt Arild Dahle says.